Mini Ghost Investigations


Do you like watching Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans and Arron and Nick ? Me too

Would you like to experince the adrenaling rush in a somewhat same atmosphere  with Ghost hunting state of the art equipment ?

We offer something the Guys dont have with them a real Ghost Medium who can talk to and see the Ghosts  and show you with special equipment where the real ghosts are so you can experince a real mini ghost hunt  sounds liki something you would like to experince  we have many certified haunted locations to choose from  you just tell us the event you would like to have and we will put togather the package for you and your guests we even supply the video on a  dvd of the investigation so, you can share it with your not so brave friends when your back home Your Ghost We mean Hostess will be your Medium "Doc" Dusty Rose we supply equipment except .... BRING YOUR OWN CAMERAS WITH EXTRA BATTERIES 









Special Party








Corporate Outings - Book a Ghost Walk location and tour for your next corporate outing. A unique way to learn about a town or location, or just as a fun addition for any conference or event.


Unique School trips - Book a Ghost Walks location and tour for your next school trip. Special customization can be done to include more history, less violent content for younger groups and timing to fit your trip.


Personal Party or Event - Book a Ghost Walk location and tour for your birthday, anniversary, or any type of personal group event. Restaurant recommendations can be made near-by any of the Ghost Walk locations/tours we offer.






Cemetery tea and Historic walk






HOME OF SALOON ROW Orginal Walking Ghost tour






*We can Come to YOU

Add a Ghost Guide Storyteller to your event - Have one of our Ghost Guides tell ghost stories at any event, at any location (school, business, etc) in the Williams and Sorruounding areas Regions


Our original and very unique ghost walk - Learn about William's history through its active ghosts OUTDOOR Walk Offered all year round Booking 7 days a week Starts at $130 + dinner In a haunted resturant with a personalized real ghost hunt  (for up to 20 people) weather permited dress appropriatly  ( YES ITS SNOWS IN WILLIAMS ARIZONA )


will learn about general Victorian mourning and funeral customs. Cemetery Walk tickets are sold for specific times where you will board a bus headedfor the Williams 's Cemetary. The Funeral Tea will begin at noon at cemetary and will offer food traditionally served at wakes from various cultures. You will also learn about Victorian funeral and mourning customs. Tickets for the tea are extremely limited due to seating capacity. Please reserve tickets for the tea early while reserving your cemetery walk tickets.