Cemetery Tea & Walk

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Cemetery Tea & Walk

The cemetery itself was like an outdoor festival in a park. Families were gathered around the grave sites eating, drinking, playing the guitar. Sometimes you’d see two or three women with buckets and scrub brushes gossiping in high sing-song voices while giving the gravestones a good scrubbing. Some of the people had obviously spent the night here and now they were curled up, in fetal positions, napping on the ground or covered by blankets as they slept above their father or mother or little brother. If you lingered for more than a moment beside a decorated grave, the relatives of the deceased would insist you share a sip of tequila or perhaps have a tamale. There was laughter and music and lots of conversation going on, but there was no crying.

This was what a Cemetery tea in Victorian times would be like

Did you Know A cemetery was a towns usually first Park?

People would  have picnics and joyful times  on the graves  the whole family plot would be cleaned at least monthly by family members and flowers changed out weekly and weeds pulled .

We want to re educate the public about our ancestors ways especially the Victorian AGE  when people would have tea parties in the grave yards

while enjoys a tea cup or two your host will tell you about the Victorian mourning customs  and how the cemetery and the dead were treated much differently than today ........ come along on a very different kind of Tea party

Family fun .......... 90 mins - two hours

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Tea and the Dead
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