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Dusty Rose Known fondly as " Doc " Is a tough old gal who since the early years has been able to Talk to the Ghosts  she can see and hear the dead ... That makes her  known in Yiddish ais mach-uh-shay-feh means a Medium/ Clairvoyant.  Here’s what I mean…My main “sensibilities” are: Mediumship

Clairvoyant: I receive mental pictures – I call them “visual stamps

 Clairaudiant: I hear statements, single words, or conversations – which I usually don’t understand at first.  Then 3 days later, inevitably I will be involved in a conversation or reading with someone and understand where it fits.  Either it is “shown” to me, or it just naturally flows with the subject at hand.   Usually when I receive, I have no idea who the information is intended for. One of the amazing things is I may not even KNOW that person yet.  Then the conversation comes up, and I get the “tip” and I know.  Usually on or before the tour .

my secondary “Clair” is Claircognizance - I just “know” things – very clearly – it just “is” with no question.  It’s like, on a clear day, you wouldn’t argue with me that the sky is blue right?  Well that’s how it is  when it comes to claircognizance…it just “IS”. and thats why I give The Ghost Walks again I( got the degree Parapsychology but, not because Ghosts pay so, well~ (LOL) hence, Why I do a Ghost walk at Night ......YES FOLKS," I SEE DEAD PEOPLE AND HEAR THEM too!" which is why, I enjoy giving tours. Books are wonderful but, the ghosts tell me  the truth about their lives and, I share that with you .... nightly..  I believe the spirits need to tell their stories That's why I'M doing this tours

either  here in Williams Arizona Or in Ouray Colorado  and surrounding areas YOU KNOW YOUR DYING TO COME -  "Doc" Dusty Rose

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